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Forever Friends

Honey I love you like the mother I had commited against her will

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Will & Grace, Jack & Karen fanfiction support site
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This community was set up by me as a support group to my Will & Grace fanfiction site.

The site will host several fics, whilst also containing extensive lists of Will & Grace fanfiction around on the web today.

By joining this community you will have access to weekly updates, and the chance to meet other readers/writers, as well as access to all information posted on the website, should the site go down, as I will use this as a back-up.

As the site will be updated to include any new fics each week, it will never be 'finished'. This community is now opened up to posting by all members for the aid of fic searches, reviews, recs, and posting of new fics etc.

Anyway, I hope you all decide to join, and most importantly, I hope you all have fun!


~24 hours in a day, 24 bottles in a case, you figure it out!~ Karen Walker

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